An apple packaging line with a capacity of 25 bins hour, a line of packaging pears, cherries and packing.


Our facilities are certified to provide excellent service product storage, with modern equipment and a large cold storage capacity as well as for fresh fruit (0 ° C) or frozen (-20 ° C), ensuring the proper handling of products.

We also have a new complex of 8 cameras and a large anteroom with storage capacity of up to 12,000 bins and 1,500 pallets.


High technology for trucks weighing scales fully electronic low profile, which can support up to 100 tons, with optimum accuracy and tare weight of trucks.


We have our own export office maintains permanent contact with its customers. Our sales staff constantly travels around the world trust the loyalty they provide.

With this, the company is actively involved in the entire production chain in the fruit category, with producers, processors and exporters in this way is as provide a more complete and comprehensive service to each of our clients.


Service Maritime Transport: The logistics group maintains permanent contracts and strategic alliances with major shipping companies in the market, so we handle a good volume of space allowing us to meet the demand upon our customers to all destinations worldwide.

Land Transportation Service: We offer service Freight port - plant - port for both Thermo trucks as well as for containers. Each of the trucks we offer maintains existing policies to ensure that in case of possible claims exporter release the repair or replacement of the container and at the same time recover its investment.


-20ºc Spacious chambers completing a capacity of 6320 m3 , with the experience to freeze all kinds of products .

IQF tunnel with capacity of 1,200 kg of peas / hour , being one of the most modern tunnels in the area.

static tunnel with a capacity 2,400 kg / hr.

Processing room equipped for packing various frozen , with good facilities for all personnel working in the plant products.