La Purisima is a company of the fruit item that is part of the AMS group located in the Seventh Region of Chile, in the city of Curico .

Their owners are Pedro and Julio Santa Maria Torrealba brothers, who in 1983 bought his first Huerto , called " Santa Ana " . Julio Santa Maria recalls anecdotally , " we did not have enough support so I had to sell my car and Pedro some animals to buy the land ."

Years later that sacrifice began to bear fruit and could continue to grow and buy more land in which they were planting fruit and other new varieties , species even becoming pioneers in several of them . Today they are important players in the Fruticola heading of the region.



Without being content with this they wanted to integrate further into the production chain, why they buy, at the beginning of 2007, a frozen food plant located in the 1 km road Iansa, crossing Los Niches in the city of Curico, which has 25,000 square meters of paved patio, a large infrastructure, equipped with excellent facilities for their staff.

In the beginning this plant had three cameras -20 ° C frozen, a modern continuous IQF tunnel with a capacity of 1,500 kilos of fruit / hour, plus a static tunnel and a spacious living process frozen 7000 cubic meters . In order to complement the range of services offered to customers in 2008 it was carried out construction of a new packing apples, two cameras 0 ° C and a pre cold. In 2011 two new cameras 0 ° C and was packing cherries were built. In 2012 eight new cameras, 2 pre cold and packing of pears, so as the company begins to take possession as one of the leading companies in providing services in the area.

Currently COMMERCIAL PURISIMA has several 8 productive orchards, plant frozen three packing to process fresh fruit, an administrative office and an office of exports that maintaining a permanent contact with our customers, ie, a company that participates actively throughout the production chain fruit category, with producers, processors and exporters, thus providing a more complete and comprehensive service to each of its customers, but without neglecting the main productive factor they are the workers, without them all this would not be possible, that is the reason why Comercial La Purisima focuses its efforts on providing everyone a safe, dignified work and to see their performance assessed in the best way possible.


Create value in every stage of our processes, starting with our orchards and ends with our customers , developing products and services of high quality, innovative and competitive.

Company Vision

We want to develop according to the needs and demands of today's markets , with special emphasis on the generation of products and high value-added services that please our customers ensuring their loyalty and preference.

Also we want to be a company that in the growth of all those who compose , to ensure that the organization continually improves.